I love Systems

I was privileged to take a class with Hugh Dubberly on systems. I'm floored by how much I learned and how empowered I felt knowing that I can visualize systems this way. It was an important time for me in gaining confidence as an Interaction Designer, and Hugh's class left me feeling like the visualization of systems has huge potential to impact others and the way they interact ("How do people...act, feel, understand?" –Bill Verplank). Systems is how I interact. I'm obsessed. 

A model of the current way emergency volunteers in Lesvos, Greece pass on information to help Syrian refugees.

Experience Map of service design for an emergency volunteer from the time a potential volunteer expresses interest to the time the volunteer is on the ground in a Syrian refugee camp

Planting Justice is a nonprofit organization playing an important role in Oakland, making sure the needy have access to healthy food for a reasonable price, and engaging the formerly incarcerated from that community in a position where they can give back to the place they grew up as they fight the recidivism system with Planting Justice at their backs.

1 week. Create a model of a desktop application system so that a fifth grader could understand it.

sequential order of images in binary code

subjective (my) order of images in binary code